class offerings

Zukossa Stretch (includes verbal instruction) & Silent Practice with Zukossa Fitness

Breath, meditation, and gentle stretching class to help promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and foster restful sleep. The class provides modifiable poses for differently abled persons. Each movement involves slow, prolonged stretching and movements, that releases restrictions in the connective tissue around the muscles.

The Walk & Stretch with Zukossa Fitness Program allows you to connect with nature while discussing and reflecting on the themes from the online text, Warriors' Guide to Becoming Healthy, Content, & Prosperous, available at In small group conversations with our community of Warriors, the class will walk and talk for 30 minutes. Afterward, we will stretch for 25 minutes in a silent practice of deep breathing and gentle, prolonged stretching to promote cognitive rest and sleep. Warriors with different abilities are encouraged to vary their walking speed and stretch poses.

Zukossa the name of our signature class, is a high-energy aerobic dance workout that incorporates African Diasporic dance and global rhythms for a full-body workout. Genres like soca, afro beats, salsa, and merengue are recognized for their ability to work the body while also uplifting the spirit, and Zukossa does just that! The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms meant to tone and sculpt the body. You can burn 400-1000 calories in just one hour! The class provides modifiable dance moves for people with different abilities. We use a variety of music and teach moves and routines that can easily be transferred onto the dance floor. No fitness experience is required. It is suggested that you bring ice-cold water and a towel.

Zukossa Chair

Do you enjoy dancing, but find it difficult to participate due to mobility issues or other physical ailments? If so, we understand your concerns. With Zukossa chair, you'll be able to dance even while seated!

Zukossa H2O

The wettest and sexiest workout! Zukossa H2O brings the party to the pool with an entertaining water workout filled with tons of splashing and laughter.